The Property Industry is very complex with different service providers providing vastly different services at all levels. Even the very simplest property transaction involves a buyer, a seller, a conveyancing attorney and a municipality.

But from there the list is endless and to be quite honest although each service provider is expected to be proficient in their field of expertise, most of them are not, nor are they expected to be proficient in giving advice at other stages of the transaction.

One would not ask an attorney what you should expect to get for your house, nor should you ask an estate agent about the intricacies of a building loan.

There are Regulatory Authorities that are in place to regulate the service providers and the industry, but they are there to look after the interests of the industry as a whole and do not necessarily act in the consumer’s best interest.

We at Property Friend SA will guide you through the information that you need to know before you embark to ensure that you are forewarned of anything that could happen.

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